I turn on my computer
and I'm looking for some action.
I see my online lover
and beg for satisfaction.

We go to a private room
and you know what happens next.
We think and type and dream about
many different kinds of sex.

Just about 9 days pass
and I find I'm feeling ill.
Maalox, Pepto--NOTHING
will make my stomach chill.

I mention it to my online beau
we try to figure it out.
A few more days have passed...
now my stomach's sticking out!

So, now my head is spinning
I don't know what to do.
I'm having sex with no one-- online beau.

No, wait just a minute.
Please tell me this can't be!
He cannot get me pregnant
by having cyber sex with me!

I call the local clinic
and explain the situation.
All the nurses laugh at me,
I'm crying in frustration.

My stomach's getting bigger
with every passing day.
Who would have ever thought
you could get pregnant this way?

A pregnancy test was taken,
it came back with a yes.
I IMed my online lover
and put him to the test.

I told him of my feelings
and all my gaining weight.
I told him we were parents
and gave him my due date.

When all the shock was over,
he gave me an online *kiss*.
He told me that he loved me
and he'd help me get through this.

My stomach starts to ache
I go run to my mom.
I feel the need and start to push...
out pops a CD ROM!!

I put it in the computer
and while I wait, I pace.
When soon on my computer,
comes a beautiful baby's face!

You know this story's fiction
but before you take a risk,
put on a cyber condom...
before you get some cyber dick.