There's a hooker in my cooker,
and boy, she is a quite a looker!
It started out, all last night,
when there was a great fight.

A guy was sporting a leopard-skin coat,
the girl was screaming like a goat.
The guy asked if I wanted a piece,
I said, "Good Lord, that cooch smells like cheese!"

The pimp swore that she was clean,
he also stated that she was mean.
So I took him up on that,
$45.00? For a bitch that fat?

We strolled up on up to my room
When the neighbors heard a SONIC BOOM!
The bed we were on, seemed to have broke,
God-Almighty, I popped that girl's yolk!

Then all of a sudden she started to scream,
I yelled, "OMIGOD, I'm gonna cream!"
My sheets were drenched in semen and sweat,
I said, "Damn, bitch, yer twat's wet!"

She got on all fours, and begged for more
I thought to myself, "Damn, what a whore!?"
So I got behind her, and gave her my stuff,
She began to huff and puff, then later she got rough.

She turned herself around, and showed me her tit
I said, "C'mon, baby, lemme get a little bit!"
She said, "Damn, baby, NOT SO HARD!"
So we started again, her tits shook like a tub-a-lard.

When we were done, we decided to lay down
All was quiet, there wasn't any sound...
Then all of a sudden, we heard a knock at the door,
The people outside screamed, "Where is that whore?!"

I said, "Hurry up, bitch, get in the oven!"
She said, "C'mon, honey, quit wit' da shovin!"
I let the people in, and they snooped around
They ask the question, "And who owns this gown?"

They said it must be hers, it smells like cheese!
I said, "C'mon guys, get out please."
They asked what was the scent coming from the cooker,
I said to myself, "They're gonna find that hooker!"

I said, "Its nothing, just my extra cheesy pizza."
Someone yelled, "I betcha it's that bitch Mitsa!"
They said, "Open the oven, we gotta take a look,"
I said, "C'mon guys, I gotta let my pizza cook!"

All of a sudden, I had a gun in my face,
"If you don't open that oven, you're brains will be all over the place"
I became scared, so I reached for a pot,
The last thing I heard was that gun shot.

When I woke up, I was laying in cream
And to my astonishment, it was a wet dream
I went to the kitchen to get a coffee-cup,
I heard a sound in the oven, I wonder what's up...

I grab a knife, and slowly walk over
I think to myself, "Damn what's that odor?"
I open the door, and to my dismay,
There was that bitch, saying, "I WANT MY PAY!"