(For English speakers travelling to China)

Dung On Mai Shu = I stepped in shit.

Ai Wan Tu Bang Yu = Let's sleep together.

Ai Bang Mai Ne = I bumped into the coffee table.

Fat Ho = An unattractive woman.

Ar U Wun Tu = A gay liberation greeting.

Chin Tu Fat = You need a face lift.

Chow Mai Dong = Blow me.

Dum Gai = A stupid person.

Wel Hung Gai = Is that a banana in your pocket?

Won Hung Low = Southern Chinese dialect for Welcome.

Gun Pao Der = An ancient Chinese invention.

Hu Flung Dung = Which one of you fertilized the field?

Hu Yu Hai Ding = We have reason to believe you are harboring a fugitive.

Jan Ne Ka Sun = A former late night talk show host.

Kum Hia = Approach me.

Lao Ze Sho = Gilligan's Island.

Lao Zi = Not very good.

Lin Ching = An illegal execution.

Moon Lan Ding = A great achievement of the American space program.

Ne Ahn = A lighting fixture used in advertising signs.

Shai Gai = A bashful person.

Tai Ne Bae Be = A premature infant.

Tai Ne Po Ne = A small horse.

Ten Ding Ba = Serving drinks to people.

Wan Bum Lung = A person with T.B.

Yu Mai Te Tan = Your vacation in Hawaii agrees with you.

Wa Shing Kah = Cleaning an automobile.

Wai So Dim = Are you trying to save electricity?

Wai U Shao Ting = There is no reason to raise your voice.